The Art of Noise

This was a project developed for sound studio Noise International, to raise their profile among the creative community, while driving registrations for their biennial inter-agency ping-pong tournament. We created a campaign that demonstrates how well Noise understands the life of a creative in advertising.
With an interactive soundboard of advertising sounds, a series of personalised posters created by sound and code, and an animated video showing the ups and downs of any creative’s day, the campaign was incredibly well received by the Sydney creative community.

Upon campaign launch we had over 1400 visits to the Noiseboard website and a 355% increase in hits to the Noise International website. All with no paid media.

Cannes Lions
SILVER - Design, Online Video Content

One Show
MERIT - Craft for Online Film

London International Awards
SILVER - Direct Mail Campaign B2B
SILVER - Animation

SILVER - Design for Film & Television
BRONZE - Digital Design Craft

Kinsale Sharks
GOLD - Online video
SILVER - Website
SILVER - Moving Image

WINNER - Best use of Animation and Motion Graphics
PEOPLE"S VOICE - Best use of Animation and Motion Graphics
HONOREE - Professional Services
HONOREE - Corporate Comunications

SIte of The Day - 8 October, 2013

New York Festival
FINALIST - Website & Microsite
FINALIST - Digital Craft - Art Direction
FINALIST - Digital Craft - Animation
FINALIST - Digital Design

BRONZE - Best Art Direction for Web
FINALIST - Campaign Microsite

SILVER - Art Direction for Online Film
BRONZE - Websites
BRONZE - Art Direction for Website
FINALIST - Direct Response for Digital
FINALIST - Creative Use of Technology
FINALIST - Art Direction for Posters

Young Guns
BRONZE - Website Craft for Animation
FINALIST - Website Craft for Visual Design
FINALIST - Web Design

Honorable Mention

Lurzer's Archive
Directory 28 (Aug/Sep 13) - Integrated Campaign

Video Case Study

Web Video - "A Day In Creative"

Website -
We created an interactive soundboard website called 'Noiseboard'. The entire website, including type and all images, was created in HTML5. The Noise logo animation was generated completely by the browser in real time, using the Web Audio API. Noiseboard is also WebRTC enabled, letting users interact creating their own sound animation.

Noiseboard featured 9 categories each containing 3 sounds. The categories were grouped according to typical facets of creative life: everything from realising your new brief is a turd, to cracking a Cannes-worthy idea, to sending a bitching email to all staff. Oops.

To drive agency creatives to the website, we created personalised posters for each of the 48 Sydney ad agencies, based on their names. Each poster was a one-of-a-kind ‘soundprint’ created through the unique interaction of sound and code. – Using the WebRTC feature of the Noiseboard, when an agency’s name was spoken into the computer’s microphone, a unique soundprint was created.

The typography style is also unique for each poster, reacting directly to how ‘noisy’ the corresponding soundprint is. These techniques produced an innovative and completely personalized poster campaign.

Mobisite -