Nike - SB Custom Series l

Nike SB Brazil Custom Series features four limited edition shoes that pay homage to three top Brazilian skateboarders and one stake photographer.

To launch the series we created an event that tapped into the skate culture of Brazil. The event included skate demo sessions, graffiti walls, a photography exhibition and Hip-Hop DJ acts

The first 400 people to the event received a show-bag including a custom Nike t-shirt and skateboard stickers.

The huge success and popularity of Nike SB Brazil Custom Series 1 has seen Nike release more limited edition Dunk shoes in the following years.

Check out a skate demo from the event

Limited edition packaging

Skatepark designs

Dance floor and DJ booth designs

Trampoline and skateboard (shape only - without trucks and wheels) for shoes testing

T-shirt design for event show bag

Envelope with stickers for event show bag

Window displays - POS

Slat wall - POS