Commbank - Where's my wallet?

To show CommBank’s Cardless Cash technology we took the largest panoramic shot of Sydney ever taken (125 Gigapixel) and we hid 100 wallets through the city’s nooks and crannies.

In an interactive game users zoom in and out, panning around the city searching for one of the 10 daily wallets. If they find one, they score a $200 prize. And to claim their prize, they have to go to a physical CommBank ATM to withdraw their cash prize - experiencing the product in real life.

During the 10 days of gameplay “Where’s my wallet?” received 43,000 unique visitors, with an average of 12 minutes spent on the site, while winners took on average 64 minutes to find a wallet; on the 9th day, the average was 133 minutes! It also increased daily visits to the CommBank Cardless Cash page by 117% while the number of app downloads increased by 15%.

Cannes Lions
FINALIST - Mobile Websites, Services
FINALIST - Promo & Activation, Product Launch

WINNER - Advertising Websites Financial Services & Insurance
HONOREE - Websites, Best Visual Design - Function

Spikes Asia
FINALIST – Branded Content, Original Games
FINALIST – Digital, Microsites
FINALIST – Mobile, Websites
FINALIST – Mobile, Products
FINALIST – Promo & Activation, Use of competition and promotional games
FINALIST – Promo & Activation, Financial Services

FINALIST - Branded Entertainment & Content - Gaming

WINNER – Customer Acquisition Campaign
FINALIST – Digital, Websites and Microsites
FINALIST – Mobile Marketing

Site of The Day - 4 January, 2014
Mobile of The Day - 4 January, 2014

IAB - Creative Showcase
WINNER - 9.2 (Aug/Sep 14)

Contagious I/O
Directory 33 (Dec 14) - Online & Digital campaign
Bestadsontv - Best Interactive

Video Case Study

Music: 'Midnight City' by M83


Winners received a numerical code on their smartphone, so they could collect their cash prize whilst trialling Cardless Cash.

Built in HTML5, WebGL and CSS3, users on any platform could search for the wallets.

21,000 robotically controlled shots were stitched together resulting in a 125 Gigapixel image - the largest photograph ever taken in Australia. Check out the making of video below.