Voice Search Experiments

One in four Americans use Google Voice Search on their mobiles, but in Australia, the numbers were far lower. We needed an idea that encouraged trial by showing Australians that the product worked with Aussie accents.
To do this we created a series of acoustic experiments testing the product under extreme conditions.

Using a pair of Whisper dishes (a.k.a. Parabolic Mirrors), a Transducer (underwater communication system) and an Android phone, the experiments were conducted in some of Australia’s most iconic environments – The Australian Outback and The Great Barrier Reef.

Consumers and Google fans were engaged via social media to participate in the experiments by submitting questions they would like asked. We received thousands of submissions on Facebook!

Finally, a YouTube channel was created to host the web films. In just 14 days, it became the most viewed YT channel in Australia, with over 3 million views. By the end of the campaign, the number was nearly 5 million.

Video case study

Web Films

User generated questions

Youtube Channel

Behind the scenes