Belong - Carbon Thumbprint

In Australia alone, the use of mobile data creates more than half million tonnes of CO2 every year

To promote Belong’s Carbon Neutral Mobile & Internet network we created the Carbon Thumbprint; a measurement of the carbon emissions created by an individual’s data usage.

An AR app calculated their yearly carbon emissions then visualised their Carbon Thumbprint as a carbon block floating above them.

We then used the Carbon Thumbprint formula to calculate all online activities and behaviour. Pre-rolls showed the carbon thumbprint of online streaming, social media posts calculated the emissions of a single post or time scrolling through their feed, audio adverts weighed podcasts and Spotify songs, and digital banners weighed the webpages they were placed on.

This not only created a compelling case for people to switch to Belong’s carbon neutral network but also gave them the means to do so. By clicking and switching.


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