ADF - VRecruitment

The first VR experience that tracks your interactions to serve you real-time, customised job recommendations.

Players lead a full-scale relief simulation on a Category 5 cyclone devastated island. As they learn about us, we learn about them, introducing military roles they’d never heard of, while tracking their performance. Analysing behavioural data like, Risk Assessment, Task Prioritisation, and Problem Solving we generated unique and personalised job recommendations in real‑time. For example, a player indexing highly in Multi-tasking, would be served the role Air Traffic Controller.

To capture meaningful data, the experience had to feel real, so every element was built from scratch in collaboration with the military. Military personnel supervised everything from motion capture, to recreation of camouflage patterns, vehicle scale, and even the feeling of authenticity in game. Looking out of the helicopter mid-flight induced vertigo in some players, while others experimented with stepping off the edge.

The initial results were 300% increase in Expressions Of Interest forms (EOI is first step in the process of joining the ADF. This increase is based on the average EOI forms completed per number of persons interacted with at similar university events and career expos).

SILVER - The new - Virtual reality

One Show
Finalist - Branded entertainment - Experiential VR

BRONZE - Market disruption - Interactive design
FINALIST - Craft in Advertising - Digital technological innovation
FINALIST - Innovation - Creative tech Innovation
FINALIST - Branded entertainment & content - Gaming
FINALIST - Branded entertainment & content - Experiential interactive

FINALIST - Digital craft - VR
FINALIST - Media - Use of technology
FINALIST - Media - Use of real time data

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